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A Study Of The Impact Of Carrying A Double Nationality

A Study of the Impact of Carrying a Double Nationality Posted 19 May 2011

i think this topic fits in this section, it discusses about the impact on the individual carrying a double nationality.

So let's set the problem mathematically: you have two individuals x and y

x carries a double nationality, coming from country A and B
y is an ordinary man, having a unique nationality, coming from country C.

y knows where he's coming from, he has only one nationality, things are very simple and easy for him, he loves his country, his flag, his anthem, his culture, he may be a patriot, just as many people, like y are.

things are a little bit more complicated for x... he has a double nationality. the consequences is that x has to understand country A and country B. He may find people like y in country A and B, but he's just not like them, he has to consider himself something else.
Unlike y, x cannot love country A and B just as y does in country C.

Now x must have stimulated in himself something very unusual and even inconceivable for y. x has to understand country A, and country B...

Now imagine that country A and B carry contradicting messages, then x will have a natural capability to understand contradictions between cultures, he will understand more easily the sensitivity of his two countries.
So x will have stimulated an understanding of cultures and sensitivities that y, let's make it simple: doesn't really care about.

Now imagine that x and y enter in contact. x, as he is used to do, will understand y concerns and culture, mentality etc etc.... But y will find things harder to understand, he has not learned to see things through the prism of multipolarity.

It's a little too easy for x, because as he learned to understand country A and B, x can easily understand country C, or even D, E, F etc etc...

Now x may consider himself smarter than y, this is human (everyone likes to show off) , but x also learned to respect people like y in their simplicity.

Now for y, things may be harder, as he doesn't understand. y will look at x with hostility and mistrust, y will think x is applying double standards, is not sincere, is a hypocrit etc etc, things x is keen on understanding, as he will naturally be more open to deal with various sensitivities.

You may see things geometrically now, where countries A, B and C are bubbles, y is located in the bubble C but x is not located in any of the bubbles, or you may also locate x in bubble A and B, for it may look like more comfortable to you, easier to understand, more rationalized but not conform to reality.

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Re: A Study of the Impact of Carrying a Double Nationality Posted 24 May 2011
i think this is very true. the goog thing is that you can always keep the best of each nationalities, the bad thing being that you never really know where you come from and your real roots.
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