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Fashion Magazines Posted 30 April 2017
If someone who is used to wear a uniform arrives in the US, what is the psychological result? Fashion seems like the result is different from someone dressing casually arriving in a city where everyone is suited in a uniform. The free minded parisian seems to live his entire life without fearing the uniform society, but some parisians notice and keep silent in a rush for jobs and money. If the structure coolens, the result is massive unemployment, if it tightens too hard, the result is strikes and public insurgency. The administration workers are free to dress and the result is a chic urban casual code. Fashion is safe and so are human rights, but the 21st century open minded chic urban meditterranean meets with history and its legacy. Austerity, as an economic policy looks like an armani model, serious and grave. But fashion magazines continue to dress like free, france 2010s were austere everyone is in apnea waiting for better days. I'm in a positive mood and i dress like free. Fashion magazines are enough to tell wether the political climate is tight or loose. The stock exchange rule seems to decide... Is it safe to talk to them? Respect of the order looks fine, and respect of the dress code too. In france in 2017 spring promesses better days. Russian german American psychiatry. Fashion magazines codes rule. Where is the vuitton wallet the black cards and the keys to the ferrari... If you don't go American russia gravitation around syrian project steps diplomacy talks uniforms... Statu quo... go marijuana... Or apply for a job social money statu quo.
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