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Designer's Signature

Designer's Signature Posted 29 February 2020
The Clothing Industry is following the Fashion Designers. In magazines like Conde Nast's Vogue they set the season's trend and the rest of the industry is following. Having to understand photos that have a hidden meaning is not that easy and each picture is another task for the reader to make sense. A Designer like Lagerfeld is sure a fashion authority to be honored and respected, there is no debate about his Signature, wherever it appears it is recognized and accepted, because people are not fashion designers themselves but rather fashion trend followers, they know where they are taking the fashion industry and people rely on them. Without clear fashion guidelines the result is often fashion crimes because people do not make sense alone about a situation, grow nervous and dress inappropriate. People need to be told how to dress, if they face exclusive fashion society they will never get to understand for themselves the dress code, and there are repeatedly fashion crimes in the medias involving implementation mistakes of the fashion directives. So that when one recognize a designer's signature he feels familiar about it and tries to dress following the dress code in a leader/follower approach. There is no time for random bets about a Fashion Trend. It needs clear Guidelines as of how to organise next season Fashion trend without relying on Chance alone even if a few make sense out of the givens the masses can get hostile to genuine fashion leadership... Again there is a Conservatists/Liberals spread that shapes the Fashion Industry and people most often place their trust into Designer's Signature as being the given trend. There is a Hierarchy in fashion as of formal is above casual in elegance standards so that there is nothing to get mad about if society looks down at your sportswear. It is all about respect of the dress Code.
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