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Where Do You Look For Apartments In Paris

where do you look for apartments in paris Posted 20 February 2010
I'm interested to know how other people look to find apartments available to rent in paris. Having live on/off in Paris since 2006, I've had may fair share of frustrating searches. however, I have never been left without a roof over my head. Typically ive used expat magazines like Fusac, forums and small blogs like http://expatfrance.wordpress.com (ive never used this one, just searched for an example).

Im coming to the point where I want to downsize, and would be interested to see if im missing any forums, blogs and sourcings for finding accomodation, I learnt a long time ago that www.pap.fr is a tough old site.

The only restriction i stand by is - no agencies :)

Looking forward to your feedback

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Re: where do you look for apartments in paris Posted 12 April 2010

I know a hotel who has got 2 appartments. It's located in Puteaux near La Défense in a quiet quarter.Metro Esplanade de la Défense.
The Dauphin Hotel isn't cheap.There aren't often available but call it to book. I never test it but I heard good things about it
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