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Women Bodybuilding

Women bodybuilding Posted 08 December 2008
I opened this thread just for making women realize before overloading their body in fitness/sport centers. Remember, sport is good as long as it goes to a certain extent. Don't overestimate your powers. Women should be women and they don't need strong body. Their body should be beautiful and sensitive.
In order to make you understand the possible consequences of unreasonable and excessive pumping, take a look at the following pictures:Image



Think before you spend too much time in the gym.
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Posted 31 March 2009
lol. Where are the pictures? Glad i didn't spend too much of my time in gym. A little jogging and some bending well do.
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Posted 09 August 2009
!!!!!!!!!!!!Nothing show !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Women bodybuilding Posted 11 June 2010
There's nothing wrong in going to gym. Even weightlifting is not bad. But too much lifting is not nice for women. See what happened to the bodies of these women. It's not pleasing either.
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Re: Women bodybuilding Posted 20 January 2011
They almost look like guys
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Re: Women bodybuilding Posted 27 January 2012
I like the the editing on these photos! :lol:
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Re: Women bodybuilding Posted 02 March 2012
Why do women start bodybuilding?
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Re: Women Bodybuilding Posted 16 August 2013
Total bullshit.
Even men cannot get like this easily without loads of anabolic steroids.

So it's pretty safe to train hard for ladies.
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