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Disabled Sportsmen Set Records

Disabled sportsmen set records Posted 29 November 2008
Marathon with amputated thigh
Tatiana Kuznetova had an accident twenty years ago. Her leg was amputated. She had been staying in hospitals for years. Summer In 1991, at the International Moscow Marathon, she came directly from the hospital. She ran 10 km. This act shocked Dick Trawm, president of the New York Club for Disabled. He invited her to the New York Marathon. She ran there 25 km in only 9 hours. She became the first lady that ran a marathon with the amputed leg.

1,400 km on wheelchair
On May 12, 1991, Moscow started a competition on for the disabled. They had to ride their wheelchair for a very long distance. The route was Moscow-Kiev-Krivoj Rog, the distanve of which was 1,400 km

9 Golden Medals
A team of blind gymnasts participated in a gymnastics championship, carried out in USA. A blind girl won 9 medals.

On Elbrus - but no legs...
A Finnish sportsman, who lost his legs, managed to climb up a height of 4,250 meters on Elbrus. Besides these performances, the sportsman was a doctor in science, he had written 8 books and 100 science researches.

I just want to encourage disabled people and want to let you know that you can do a lot of things. Be permanently in shape, practice sports, you can do it.
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Posted 01 April 2009
Many disabled person proved themselves that they can do what the normal people can. They are a very good example not only for the disabled persons but also to those who are in good shape.
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Re: Disabled sportsmen set records Posted 08 June 2010
It's very inspiring to hear these people who strive hard to prove their capabilities. Even if they have these disabilities, they still manage to be excellent in different fields. Very touching and inspiring to know that they exist.
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Re: Disabled sportsmen set records Posted 27 November 2010
It is very very inspiring thread.
Disabled people doing good to prove himself.
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