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Time Machine

Time Machine Posted 30 July 2021
Time approach is different from peoples to peoples. While Americans are a little hurried they have different time approach in middle-east. The time passes and people grow up. Intelligent games are part of the system where everyone play the game at their own level all of it in the time machine. The time machine begins with childhood, they grow up following the education system and become adults in quite a hurry. Managing time sometimes can reveal you are too fast... or too slow. Parisians are more speed up than in regions, unless they know how to manage time. Average adults are hurried by the job and family life and must be initiated to Time management. As a child it's hard to tell what Adults are doing and they follow the family management without questioning Adults if they have a time management that is disconcerting, as if time management is voluntary the understanding gives a different time approach. If the kids don't find any answers or any logic in the Adults attitude they take their responsibility and bring their own answers and rely on their own leadership skills. The time machine is building a new matrix based on the past matrix and one can imagine how they succeeded and how they have evolved matrix to matrix and constructed a whole civilisation network.

It takes a watch to calculate time within a day, and there are many watchers that can sell you some, not time, a watch... You're alone talking to a matrix, it knows you. But you want them to unveil a bit and show their game as if you play poker, you're sure of your game and you want to contact players. The world has got hell deeper with a little paranoia, and what was genuine conception of the system revealed a big dose of esoterism. Where is Monica Bryan John and Jack and Katy ? They turned to be masks, avatars of a hidden organisation based on secrecy and spirituality. It looks like talking to the CIA not the russian FSB or al qaeda, they are international and the backstage of what we call reality. They are the many. Like a group of russian hackers or chinese mafia or your local society of people, agents in a matrix where everyone is a different agent or program, your government, your favorite media etc... So how about intelligent games ? I like to play alone but to contact Agents and get them to talk is a win, get some more clues and more talk another win. India is wise, russia is cold, the wolf scary and pirats dangerous. If they want to fuel the car with some hints... Is there any game to be played ? Is there any roadmap to follow ? Book to read and ritual to follow. In Italy no one has ever seen any of the mafia but they know it's there, like phantoms, part of the mystery. urban legends scare off the visitor and it is in the collective unconscious, the perfume of l'interdit.
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