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Solar System Planets

Solar System Planets Posted 03 March 2020

i found a forum about the planet of the solar system, the forum is dedicated to the planet existence and the power it has over men. It is full of information about how to cope with the Planet influence, how to connect the energy and repair possible brain interaction with the energy fluxes. I was surprised to witness a whole society of contributors to the forums and how dynamic thair community is... It seems like a game where there is some league that has formed around the planet that gathers people from different horizons but all of it being in english and motivated about the planet's effect over men. I was surprised that the league's name itself was set using a secret code that has nothing to do with the Solar System Planet itself but is rather referring to some Modern God... Apparently the forum is about mastering one's mental, spiritual, psychic energy to better understanding the Planet effect over Business or Political life for example, as magnetic effects over men's brain can play a significant role in shaping the opinions of not only the Intelligentsia but also the rest of Society. I was surprised to find that league and i'm wondering if there are more like this one. The goal of the league seems to be like in any game, command and conquer the given world so the player places agents in different parts of the Solar System to make sure he controls the given World. The game itself is entertaining and never ending as new players come in with their specialties and habilities and because the programmers always have some new riddle to solve. It lacks interaction between the players which is a little sad, it also lacks freedom once you are promoted in rank and having to obey is sometimes going against your nature, but level 1 wants to get level 2
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