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Power Production Green Energy

Power Production Green Energy Posted 97 days ago

Johnny or Emilio... can someone take a look a the device presented in the picture and seriously analyse the results ?
It generates electricity. It uses the mechanical energy stored in the device but it also can use the energy of gravity.

It would be a good news to put in the newspaper, and help people in African Countries or help decarbonize the Industry in Germany, Russia or China. Give in some time for constructive brainstorming and progressive thinking about a genuine initiative.

I simply don't know where to go with the device and thought it was easier to directly contact people on here. Gesticulation on twitter does not bring any results. And we all know people around the forums have the executive power to decide wether a project reaches or is abandoned or if they have to refer to their hierarchy. An isolated worker with no one to contact gets stucked when it is about lobbying and networking, although there exists the social network Linked In, i am more comfortable with directly post on here to intelligent people.

So i hope that someone gets my attention... and considers promoting the stuff to deciders. It is all about reaching the right persons at the right place in the right time. I know things are not clear about what people will do with the material and it remains obscure wether a genuine intiative reaches but in the end i would have done my part of the job by communicating to intelligent authorities. If nothing happens and if no one reacts then i will understand the project as being aborted and forget about it.

I will look forward for some sign, and please don't India me...
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