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The Regular Way

the regular way Posted 23 August 2021
Paris is an expensive city, from housing to cars and food an agent evolving in the urban complex playing games need a salary to cover basic needs. To reach this situation the agent applies for jobs and works on his presentation and resume to get hired by the company. The equation the system says is job+salary=financial security. But the jobs look sometimes boring and one has to question what material he likes the most to work with. They don't pay to read books, newspapers or to write computer code but what if one likes to play intelligent games and how to monetize the daily routine ? The internet is a network on whitch anyone can publish and monetize the work. The jobs offers are motivating but as a computer code editor is more interesting. It's all about making money to study code and write some, with a salary and a contract one can talk the talk AND walk the walk. The credit card industry is deep enough to run monthly transactions on random accounts discretely. The employers must have something in mind in developping the contact point, the employee intelligent enough to understand the communication protocol, or coworkers... It takes years to apply a disciplined routine with all the parameters of computer code programming inloaded (they've coded the entire internet, and all the medias...) to work in the field one has to make sense of stuff and look for the intended meaning, india remains obcure to me?. In a perfect scenario the agent connects, learns to understand the dress code and talks appropriately, practices a daily routine with data interpretation, consulting and reports, ensures a production of intellectual material, and makes money out of trading forex (exclusive policy) or receives a salary out of a job contract (preferred). Looking at the jobs available it seems there is a solution for everyone, in adequacy with qualifications, that fits the daily routine and that makes sense given the history of each applicant. Jobs for salary equals the same situation as contract for salary, to apply for a job or to lobby directly the employers is a shortcut to mutual agreement. The employer can ask for data management with a higher comprehension, demand reporting of a the local situation, hide behind a screen, send comprehensive orders etc... It needs breaking the statu quo and make a step, send in an official contract from the Nth society based in Switzerland or Luxemburg, set a monthly salary and give comprehensive tasks to a remote worker from the contact point. My personal agenda is in studying more code to a better understanding of the communication protocol, in books, newspapers, internet, television etc... I need it so much and that's the job i want! You can move the operating agent in english speaking countries, france is deep and the arab world unsure but strong fundamentals Cairo Dubai Beyrut Paris New York London Los Angeles with tasks and reports of explorations. Los Santos... There are certain types of tasks the operative agent can perform with work in back office (data management) or front office (data production), there are also missions the operative can build on the ground with a recruiting strategy to promote the vision and ideals of the agency but the recruiting policy should remain exclusively its decision... A decider must evaluate the capability of one to go work under psychological pressure, agility to play with social codes, perform serious and complex calculations and analysis, work in urbanized networks, understanding of the system. Everybody works for the system and the workplace is full of solutions for everyone, let there be one for a diligent, organized, autonomus, graduated, multi-tasker, productive, regular, observator, compliant, dynamic, adaptative, motivated, comprehensive, agile, connected...
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