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Official Consultant / Daily Reports Posted 27 February 2020
Sir, Madam

I am a 36 yrs old consultant specialized in data analysis. My value added activity consists in making sense of data produced everyday on the internet television radio and newspapers. A global analysis based on international medias to give an accurate idea about the existing statu quo. The produced reports give a general idea of a given situation be it economic, political, social, diplomatic... and they include ideas or roadmaps alternatives for the deciders to choose among options: military, economic, legal or diplomatic... We also provide security audit, as to how the diplomatic representatives are protected legally and physically, security being a given in advanced countries, embassies and officials in more dangerous areas of the world can be targeted by terrorists. We have agents on the ground with diplomatic protection that give us insiders reports from different parts of the world, so that our clients have a general idea about how things are evolving in strategic locations our agents are reporting from. We are frequently requested by Embassies to report about a local situation and our international organisation guarantees accurate reporting and effectiveness of the options given to the Executives. To speed up the process it will take steps to break the statu quo and require imagination like for example moving to New York or Paris to work in an office for people you will never meet but that can hire you with a Contract and provide you an office desk without even having to appear...
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