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Job Applicant CV Available For Work Contract

Job applicant CV available for work contract Posted 15 May 2016
Name : Makhadmeh Lucas
Citizenship : French, Jordanian
Age: 32 years
Pseudonyms : Loukas, Sheramont
Email : makhadmehlucas@hotmail.com
Residence : Rennes, France

Curriculum Vitae

2015/2016 : Retirement : interest in economy, in the banking industry, in the industry of pornography, psychiatry, spying (wikileaks etc…), interest in conspiracy theories ( CIA illuminatis free-massonry mossad KGB…) Interest in medias, coffee and tobacco industry, real estate, car industry (Mercedes, BMW etc…).

2014/2015: Retirement: artistic activity under the pseudonym soviet lanski (french rap/ youtube), interest for the french military school “Saint-Cyr” along with interest in a master program of international security ( Sciences Po Paris), discovery of psychiatric hospitals: sensitization to the problems of logistics and maintenance. Works of writing in philosophy and in esoteric language. Interest in science, for the building industry, electronics, mechanics. Discovery of the conspiracy theories…

2013/2014: Retirement: interest in finance, in the industry of luxury, for the international affairs, for the economy, the industry. Active on social networks (facebook linked in twitter), interest for system networks: housing, electricity, water, telecommunicatons and logistics. Interest for administrative problems (papers…), interest for politics, education, psychiatry, law enforcement, conspiracy theories, spying.

2012/2013: Retirement: interest in the industry of luxury (projects of brands…), interest in international affairs (reading of international press : the Guardian, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Haaretz, The Economist, Time magazine, Le Monde…), interest in the industry of computers and smartphone (Microsoft Google Apple Android Blackberry…), interest in medias, spying.

2011/2012: Retirement: discovery of the psychiatric environment, interest in finance, banking, public finances ( International Monetary Fund, World Bank, Federal Reserve, European Central Bank) Interest in medias, international affairs, conspiracy theories, spying. Interest in urban networks, Computers (networks and programmation)

2010/2011: Retirement: interest in finance (daily results) , international affairs, discovery of the conspiracy theories, interest for spying ( CIA, NSA…) , discovery of the french social security law.

2009/2010: Retirement: interest in the financial industry ( CAC 40, Dow Jones, Footsie, DAX…), international affaires, discovery of the conspiracy theories on the internet ( chats, forums…)

2008/2009: Retirement: Interest in music, international affairs ( diplomacy, united nations), interest for finance (daily results).

2007/2008: European Licence III in Law abandoned for psychiatric reasons, familiarization with European law, discovery of the neuroleptics side effects…

2006/2007: European Licence III in Law abandoned for psychiatric reasons, familiarization with international law, discovery of the psychiatric hospitals.

2005/2006: European Licence III in Law abandoned for psychiatric reasons, familiarization with business law, and the different legal systems, civil law, discovery of the conspiracy theory (CIA illuminatis…) on the internet.

2004/2005: Graduated with the French Diploma of General University Studies delivered by Paris I in a university branch in Cairo (Egypt), familiariazation with family law, criminal law, administrative law, constitutional law.

2002/2003: Graduated with the French Baccalauréat section economics and social with an international program in English (graduated with the English General Certificate of Secondary Education) at the International Lycée of Ferney-Voltaire, subscriber of the french newspaper Le Monde, in Geneva (Switzerland) discovery of the international organisations ( WTO, WHO, HCR, ILO) and of the industry of luxury.

I am available.
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Re: Job Applicant CV Available For Work Contract Posted 06 June 2018
An office, somewhere...

With leather seats, Whisky, cigarettes (to keep it healthy) and documents (to keep it interesting...)
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Posted 05 February 2019
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