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Graphic Designer/Art Director/Freelance Designer

Graphic Designer/Art Director/Freelance Designer Posted 19 July 2010

My name is Katya, I am from Estonia.
I am new in Paris, currently staying here and looking for a job.
I have 3 years of experience as an Art Director and as a freelance Graphic Designer for 4 years.
So, in general, if you have any need to create your logo/company ID/illustrations/layout/posters/fliers/business cards, don't hesitate to contact me!

I speak English, Russian and Estonian. My French skills are on the way of improvement.

If You have any questions - please feel free to contact me.
Some samples of works are here: www(dot)kat-ya(dot)tk
mail contact: yekaterina(at)gmx(dot)ch
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