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I Can Edit Videos For You!!

I Can Edit Videos For You!! Posted 29 February 2012
If you live in the Paris area and are interested in my services as a video editor then do not hesitate to contact me. I have a degree in film and 5 months experience in video editing at a production company in Sydney. I have the software and the enthusiasm and would love to be involved in any personal projects you can throw at me. For example if you have photos (digital or hard copies) you would like made into a slideshow on dvd, or old holiday footage that could be made into an enjoyable montage or any other projects, big or small, that you can think of then I look forward to hearing from you. We can work out the rates after discussing the project. If you are interested then get in touch! Pransell@hotmail.com

For some examples of my work please see my blog: http://www.pedroxl.blogspot.com/ It is being updated all the time.
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