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So What Exactly Is The Objective Of ISIS In The Middle East?

so what exactly is the objective of ISIS in the middle east? Posted 03 October 2014
as i'm wondering, many people will tell you fully conceived ideas of what's the objective of ISIS, some will tell you they only want to create some state and nothing more a centralized muslim entity, some will tell you they have further plans of conquer and domination over the west and some will even tell you that they only want immortality in the "jinnah" therefore ready to die for their cause. I'll google it to see if there is any information on what is the objective the goal of fighting in the middle east, but from what i know the USA are very or extremely cautious about the ISIS cases in Irak and in their homeland, with additional filters to catch an illuminated terrorist, we'll call it security measures. In Paris as you may have noticed the army in the train station the city is full of them, but that is not enough, it seems the core of the state must take some security filters to keep a terrorist from taking action. Security is one but enough reason to activate security plan but as of civil liberties for honest citizens, those plans may be found restrictive or alienating in the long run. Not that a terrorist of ISIS has an objective but that these security plans may or filters may be have taken to protect some elite at war for some obscure reasons... In fact it could be that the governments want to get back access to oil to preserve their elite people lifestyle... Daryan Gray and i would have nothing to do in common. let's face it western people are smarter more creative and less eager to violence, but as arab governments rush in the case to find their interest they might wonder what their interest really is. Not that they have to put security filters too everywhere as some hobby i guess or way of communication, that's is not enough, two members of ISIS could be discussing some plan out in the open without other members of ISIS getting to know, communication networks are a sensitive part in this war, one may get caught being direct, warm and welcoming and released for not being suspected when some other one may remain obscure for some unknown motive he may want to be labelled mysterious, or would he really be hiding something?? then such one is suspicious enough to be invesigated. An ISIS terrorist must have some plan that hits or why would someone hide something when there's nothing to hide ?
Given the intelligence we gathered, at our own success... the war is only beginning, it will be a game of communication with ISIS with the remaining question for pilots: what is the objective ?
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