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What Are Some Entertaining, Even Amusing, Political Debates

What are some entertaining, even amusing, political debates Posted 28 September 2010
Hi All:

I have been Reading some debates between politicians, authors political commentators etc...but need some more. examples of a few i've read, or read about:

Will self vs richard littlejon
George galloway and christopher hitchens
christopher hitchens and noam chomsky
gore vidal and william buckley.

Could you reocmend anymore? Rember they must be in text form, not a video.

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Re: What are some entertaining, even amusing, political deba Posted 08 October 2010
I have been organising a talk on Monday 25 October at Shakespeare & Co – with two young British journalists talking about the ‘jilted generation’. The phrase refers to a British phenomenon of how the younger generation are being strangled by short-term political and financial thinking - where they are being squeezed by increased student fees, house prices and rising taxes in a way their parents’ generation never were. Their ideas have received significant press here in Britain and given the global recession the issues are going to be transported to Paris – where the authors will talk about their research, how their book can and should define the movement of a generation and answer questions on what the young can do to help themselves.

There are more details are on the Shakespeare and Co website and on the Jilted Generation website - just search for it in google. Oh and they have written a book about it which they are giving away as a free download to mobile phone users which you can find out about on the website.

Hopefully see some of you there - I'll be there too.

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Re: What are some entertaining, even amusing, political debates Posted 03 April 2011
It's not really a political debate but i think it's entertaining and amusing.

I'm referring to the Clinton-Yelstin press conference in New York for the 50 years of the UN on the 23 october 1995.

There is something very amusing in this scene.

-- 15 May 2012 --

people love these moments when they can laugh watching tv
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