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Ummah Suicidal Omission

Ummah Suicidal Omission Posted 18 December 2010
Ummah Suicidal Omission
Al Qur’an, is not an ordinary religious book, it’s the only authentic Divine Book, its Al Kitab. It is Allah Almighty Final Testament, which was bestowed through His final Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) for the genuine guidance of entire human race in this life as well as hereafter. It’s the only Divine book, which is available in its original vernacular, language, format & configuration.
Number of translations of Al Qur’an in different languages is in thousands carried out by Muslims as well as non Muslims. Commentaries have also been carried out in hundreds. But unfortunately all this has been done by individuals under individual’s plans.
Muslim governments how powerful they might have been paid no attention to tackle or supervise to be tackled this vital most subject. Individuals therefore have given free hand to do whatever they intended to do. Dissension therefore has been on the rise with the passage of time due to our drawback.
I am a petty student of Al Qur’an and as such I have been going through the various translations and commentaries have been carried out by eminent scholars nevertheless I came across with a number of mistakes made by them with mala fide or bona fide of course. I therefore believe firmly that no individual how talented he might be would be able to find out the correct Divine Wisdom lies in the Divine Code in individual capacity. Allah Almighty has covered all the necessary aspects of this life & hereafter comprehensively. A Pan-Islamic world body comprised of faithful, high brow, devoted & world class scholars with all-round knowledge, ability and classic integrity under the guidance of faith are therefore inevitable for the task of translation & commentary as well as updating thereof. And no individual be allowed to do this grandest task individually anymore.
Sorry to say that no one is allowed to translate an ordinary book without acquiring first the translation rights from the author. But so far this Divine Book of this vital substance is concerned, every Tom, Dick & Harry is at liberty to translate or give commentary thereon, of his choice without any permission or check from anyone!!! I suggest the same grand arrangement for the valid interpretation of the Holy Ahadith.
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Re: Ummah Suicidal Omission Posted 28 March 2011
so what's the topic?

-- 28 March 2011 --

Abisafyan do you agree with Ben Laden?
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Re: Ummah Suicidal Omission Posted 07 January 2012
God said he would save the holly qur'an from the amendment ... And translation were for meanings not only for words as revealed by God .... When you read holly qur'an you will notice that the holly qur'an spoke about things that we will get from the thousands of years ago and not amended so far since coming off .... And we are guided by holly qur'an for past and the future and present and treat our patients ... and God willing it .... and its impact very strong on the devils and the jinn and people>>>and i am sure that you don,t know how to ask about holly qur'an .....
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