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Ukraine Breaks Rules Of A Military Embargo

Ukraine breaks rules of a military embargo Posted 14 October 2008
The whole story is an incredible and a result of a pure accident. The ship “Faina” under the Ukraine flag was heading to a country near Somalia accordingly to their route, but how did it happened that it was actually heading to the ports of Somalia is a mystery. A group of pirates attacked the ship close to the county’s shores and discovered another mystery: the ship was loaded with 30 tanks. The group of pirates found some interesting papers on board that showed that the cargo was destined to Somalia, which has an embargo on weapons. The new owners of the ship demanded $20 mil for not taking to the public the nasty papers. But they should be better asking for the money from the UN for uncovering such a dirty deal. However I haven’t heard of any official reaction of international organizations about this and I wonder why.
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Posted 17 October 2008
I doubt the international community will take actions against the Ukraine. Doing anything against the Ukraine will make the latter ally with Russia, which is very inconvenient to the USA and EU.
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Posted 26 October 2008
Somalia is the region attacked very often by pirates. When making the transfer of heavy military objects, Ukrainians should have thought about it.
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