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The Problem Of Breakaway States

The problem of breakaway states Posted 14 October 2008
Recently a meeting held in Montenegro by its citizens that were not agree with the state’s policy of recognizing the independence of Kosovo, emerged in a violent confrontation with the police. All this started at the time when the meeting has already ended and the people began to leave the square situated before the parliament. Someone has started to stone police cordons protecting parliament and improvised explosive devices, these has reached the hand-to-hand fights.
The world has been witnessing a lot of similar events, whose core are the breakaway states. How to deal with them? Should these small groups of people be viewed positively as an expression of their will to form their own country, or these activities are just attempt to shatter the political stability of a state, which is of course illegal to do?
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Posted 15 October 2008
This is where from separatism starts and after that - nationalism and discrimination. To me, these people are not right. A small group of people can't just form their own state. If one or two million of people want this, it's another question.
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Posted 30 October 2008
With such priorities, Montenegro will never join the EU. By the way, EU should fight such small groups of people who want to give birth to mass waves of protests and separatism. Montenegro is the EU's neighbour.
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