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The French Administration

The French Administration Posted 26 July 2021
A strong country relies on a strong administration. Here and there are nationals relying on their administration. Different systems of medias promote the national systems in a movement of propaganda. All the national systems are revolving around the national powers. It's obscure whereas there is a political player above the national systems but it is sure the national systems turn around their political powers and administrations. A citizen as far as he knows is surrounded by administrations, each time he turns up television or radio or open a newspaper or uses his smartphone or computer, he gets drowned by the content of national medias that brainwashes him everyday reinitializing the space and time continuum. Administrations rely on the media to get people do what they want, they can even start a civil war just by communicating to the populations different narratives, clashing social groups together. But the reality of an Administration isn't only to get people what to think or do, it is also about to teach them unleash the potential of how civilised they can become. Sometimes administrations clash and civil wars occur because they disagree over the national narrative. Sometimes administrations themselves fail and new systems are putin place. The officials of different administrations most often are united nations around common problems, i'd like to remember that most of the time the people obey, but sometimes different administrations are themselves conflictual, this is why they've decided to create international administrations to maintain peace (european union, united nations, markets etc...).

Within countries they have organised administrations to reinforce the national power, and national systems. The political reality behind international sports is that it reinforces the national systems, and there are many nations. An average citizen relies on his national matrix but it can be that he follows more than 5 different national matrix, add to that terrorist authorities and clash the nations. Like they write in the english newspaper the Guardians they are attached to a core of principles they let you free with even in jail to have an office to write what you want, they let you read books... they write lovely books... like tango in the desert or jumbo goes to manhattan... Administration agents act and the populations react and there is a busy agenda. everybody wants to work for the administration and everybody works for the Administration.
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