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The European Unesco Program

The European Unesco Program Posted 24 May 2013
We, at the UNESCO Research Center have decided to organize a Conference entitled:

"The European Ethnic Safeguard Program"

The Program is organized In several steps:

1- The Unesco Resettlement Program (to resettle non-European Populations In their origin countries)

2- The Ethnic Repopulation Program (to repopulate Europe with Ethnically European Populations Including Natality Policies on Selected Repopulation Program Agents )

This Program has been validated by the Unesco Research Center.
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Re: The European Unesco Program Posted 17 August 2013
Can you provide a link to the source?
It doesn't sound right.
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Re: The European Unesco Program Posted 17 August 2013
The only result in google search for:

"The European Ethnic Safeguard Program"

is Paris Forums.
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