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The Corruption In Ukraine Is Getting To High Levels.

The corruption in Ukraine is getting to high levels. Posted 14 October 2008
US said that Belarus was the latest doctorial state in Europe, but it does not seem so, there is at least another one – Ukraine. The Kiev Administrative Court of Appeal considered the complaint of the president’s secretary and has satisfied the claim of Yulia Timoshenko and has suspended the decree’s execution of Victor Iuschenko about the dissolution of the Ukrainian parliament and the appointment of early election. After the Court came out with such a decision Victor Iuschenko liquidated it by pretending that is modifying the number of judges for each court.
This remind me how Lukashenko had only members of its party in the parliament after the election, and no one from the opposition.
The case with Ukraine proves once again that the Global organizations of human rights are just a beautiful bunch of ethical principles, and only limited to this.
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Posted 15 October 2008
I don't remember a peaceful political day in the Ukraine since the times when Yushenko was elected as president. This country has lost a lot, or better to say has missed to win and develop many things because of its political crisis. The Ukrainians want to see effective progress and are probably sick and tired of these political ready-made games.
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Posted 01 November 2008
Julia Timoshenko is the person who makes the entire disaster in that country. She is a woman that understand nothing in politics. I can't understand how she managed to create a coalition, it's beyond me...
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