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Russia Starts Its New Smart Foreign Policy: Belarus

Russia starts its new smart foreign policy: Belarus Posted 14 October 2008
Lukashenko's communications with the Kremlin in the last years have essentially grown cold because of the gradual abolition of privileges for the Russian power resources with which help he has managed to strengthen relative social well-being in the country. And the reason for this is the growing rates for gas, that Belarus is not willing to pay, and the disagreement of Russia to supply its gas with prices that are lower than the ones recognized by the market. But Russia seems to be OK to supply Belarus with some financial credits in order for the country to stay warm during the winter in return to its military cooperation, and by these means expanding military to other states the same way USA does for years allready.
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Posted 15 October 2008
I can't even say that there is such a country like Belarus, maybe only geographically, but actually it's a 90% Russian territory. Belarus people will rather die than worsen their relations with Russia. I wouldn't even be surprised to hear one day that Belarus is going to politically unite with Russia and thus become a single state.
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