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Russia And USA: Misunderstandings

Russia and USA: Misunderstandings Posted 13 October 2008
Just when we saw the recent political debates of the USA electoral leaders, it came apparent – that a new change in the politic dynamics and patterns is forming at the future administration of the White House.
It is obvious that in 2009 Russia and USA will step in a new level of relationship. Russia will blame USA for Iraq, and USA will blame Russia for Georgia. But until then, both parts are concentrated to their own problems.
Russia is mostly preoccupied with the energy disputes in Europe and regarding the Chinese pipes.
USA instead has its own problems. The country is heading into a recession and the USA elections are on the front page of every newspaper.
Who knows what the New Year will bring? Any suggestions?
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Posted 17 October 2008
The New Year will bring new fructuous relations between Russia and USA. It will happen so, at least if Obama is elected as the president. Obama is a peaceful man, and I guess he will calm down the American spirit and will recover the things lost during the Bush administration.
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Posted 26 October 2008
Whatever happens, these two countries, in the name of peace, should avoid creating two world divisions. I guess everybody agrees that as long as Russia is in peace with USA, the world is in peace as well.
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