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Referendum Posted 03 July 2012
Do you know this democratic technique used in countries like france or switzerland, it's all about a Yes or a No, if some people stand firmly on a No, then the message gets clear for the politician. The politician cannot change the mind of the people so he will not stand any longer.
Sometimes, a politician that has a connection with the people was expecting a great yes ! As things turn out to be a negative outcome, the decision of the people is respected.

I heard about some countries that used this constitutional rule and i just thought it was a conspiracy and that everyone was briefed over there !!! Now i don't know if people have a clue of this being some manipulation and that a positive vote was expected but i do. People in states where they have some referendums generally vote in the right way, you just have to insist a little generally. I'm very deceived by the peoples that are not cooperative or ununderstanding about Consensus.

What do you think ? Do you think the people is wise enough to decide ?
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Re: Referendum Posted 09 July 2012
From what i know in switzerland almost all important laws are decided with referendums.

This is great, people decide themself how to live. This is direct democracy. Switzerland is ahead of everyone else by at least 50 years in this regard.
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