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Quack Vs. Scholar

Quack vs. Scholar Posted 05 December 2010
Quack vs. Scholar

Those, ‘who’ are guilty for splintering from Islam as a sect whatsoever & who are believing in those sects and who are corrupting the GOD Gifted Name; ‘Muslim’ with a sectarian prefix or suffix e.g. sunni Muslim, shia Muslim, deobandi Muslim or barelwi Muslim and so forth are the real adversary against the Lone Divine Universal Religion; Islam and we must shun them all for the unity among Muslims!
‘They’ estranged us & set us inter se at loggerheads rather at each other throats. They cut up Islam into Shariat & Tariqat. Even so they went further and replaced Islam with Shiasm, Sunnism, Deobandism, Barelvism & so forth. ‘They’ strewn the Divine Houses; ‘Masajid-allah’ among them or seized and converted them into ‘Shia Mosque’ - ‘Sunni Mosque’- ‘Deobandi Mosque’ - ‘Barelwi Mosque’ and so forth. Before ‘them’ a Muslim alone is no qualification for invoking Allah & His Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) therein.
The Shias, Sunnis, Deobandis, Barelvis & so forth are allowed instead correspondingly. ‘They’ have converted us into shias, sunnis, deobandis & barelwis etc. They are out for divergence among Muslims.’They’ has molded us anything but Muslims.
And here too deceitfully they are taking refuge under the Scholastic Dissention among the True Muslim Scholars; Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Abu Yusuf, Imam Al Marghinani, Imām Tahawi, Imam Ash-Sha’fii, Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal & Imam Mālik ibn Anas & others, who were out for convergence among Muslims.
‘They’ have been curse for Muslim Ummah, whereas true Muslim Scholars have been blessing for Muslim Ummah. ‘Their’ disagreement has been selfish, egocentric and for ulterior motives, whereas the true Muslim Scholars dissention has been selfless, noble & for the go-ahead of Muslim Ummah.
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Re: Quack vs. Scholar Posted 02 January 2011
the post seems to be informative.. quack and scholar are really different but there are similarity in my point of view. let me know yours
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Re: Quack vs. Scholar Posted 28 March 2011
It sounds like a theological debate, like who reads the religion right.

The thing is.... it's also a political one. From what i've heard the first schism came for a political reason, not really a theological one.

So i think it's not about Quack and Scholars, i think it's political.

Aren't muslims supposed to be United under the authority of a Khalifa ?

They are.
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Re: Quack vs. Scholar Posted 28 January 2012
Just go and see or study over web the situations of Quack in less developed countries.There health is like a business.UNO should take steps to bring reformation there.
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