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Political Science At Work

Political Science at Work Posted 15 January 2012
In the great mediatic ballet, you cannot really see political science at work on the individual but mostly through whole administrations.

In your everyday life, therefore, you can feel it everywhere. Power is in your car when you drive home, wether with you if you drive the latest porsche cayenne or against you if you drive a more modest car and cross someone with a better car than you have.

Power is in your job, sometimes you give orders, and experience the warm feeling of the person having the power over the other, sometimes you obey, and experience the humiliation of the subordinate that has to comply to the boss's directives.

Power is in your clothing, your appearance, the way you talk, your house, whether big or small etc etc.

Power is in your brain, whether you're smarter than the other or like many people more "simple but it's ok".

Power is a game some people have been playing long before i was born, sometimes in a lonely game, a oneshot in front of history, sometimes a family game much more serious and based on a long-term strategy.

The topic is so vast that to avoid getting lost it's preferable to end it here.
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