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Pakistan’s Prime Monster

Pakistan’s Prime Monster Posted 11 October 2010
Pakistan’s Prime Monster
While rating our most intimidating adversaries, I undertake solemnly that Pakistan’s worst & the most appalling enemy among all has been the population explosion that is far more devastating than any other explosion for the ill-fated country of ours - and like many others, this menace is also being ignored criminally & audaciously. Within a specific country or area, population explosion is directly proportional to the density of every evil & peril and to the scarcity of every useful quantity quality, & purity - this has been the ordinary natural phenomenon and writing on the wall. If a box of 1x1meter walls, containing two balls is shaken the chance of inter se collision in balls will be extremely rare and minimum but if you multiply the number of balls by 100% in the same box then the rate of head on collision will be frequent and maximum, rather all the balls will be at the loggerheads throughout, without any tremble. So no genius is required to understand that population growth within an area would have the following awesome outcome of rise & fall definitely,
The Rise;
• The rate of inter se clashes among the inhabitant human beings in each & every way, street, field and corner of the area will be more frequent & imminent, for the natural empty area in all the fields of life would shrink and even crossing the road will be considered a victory.
• The number of tussles, bloodsheds, feuds, crimes, accidents and incidents of assortment will be at the rise.
• The magnitude & occurrences of violence and counter violence will be higher than ever.
• The number of complaints, suits, cases and the counter complaints, suits and cases of assortment will go higher & higher accordingly.
• The number of practical disputes & disagreements of all sorts will rise up and similar will be the case of divergence & disorder in the society and the country.
• The number of general seats as well as special seats for women in the provincial assemblies, national assembly & senate will be enhanced and thus the number of politicians, parliamentarians and the plunderers would be increased correspondingly.
• Given the increase in the number of parliamentarians the national as well as the international debt will go up further.
• The poverty & hunger will go higher & the haves not, the ‘living miseries’, will multiply.
• The number of parties, sects, outfits of assortment will go higher.
• The pollutions of assortment will hit new heights and the already imbalance in the ecosystem will rise up further.
• The already skyrocketing hike in the prices of all commodities & bills of utilities will touch new frontiers.
• The mushroom growth & blackmail of the private schools, colleges and hospitals will become more monstrous.
The fall;
• The roads, thoroughfares, the streets the play grounds, the pastures, the water resources, the forests, the wild life, the natural water channels, for all purposes will shrink.
• The rainfall, the snowfall and thus the production would fall shorter & shorter.
• The already rare available facilities for education, health, will reduce and the government will have to desert their already proclaimed stray schools, colleges and hospitals, altogether.
• The sparsely available facilities for security and justice will lessen further.
• The already thinly available & acquired area for dwelling & agriculture purposes will diminish.
• Given the unprecedented advancement in the computer technology on one hand and the unprecedented enhancement in the population growth on the other, the vacant situations will fall rare.
• The moral & ethical values will be devalued further.
• The convergence and coherence in the society as well as in the country will descend.

And I think the vicious rise & fall has taken place. We were 30.5 millions in 1947 in the then West Pakistan and now we are 130.5 millions in the now Pakistan. It means that the figure of balls has been multiplied ruthlessly in the same ‘box’ on one hand and the shaking force has also been intensified mercilessly on the other. And thus the aforementioned worst rise and fall has taken place and the country is now feeling severe nausea. Ergo my simple question is; if we could not cope with rise & fall of today, how we would be able to get over the worsen rise and fall of tomorrow, that will be far worsen? I do not believe in the pessimism but equally not in the extremism, for the excess of everything is extremism. I know every one will cite me the example of China, but one must not forget, firstly that exceptions are everywhere and are always found very rarely. Secondly, being the best exception, the China has also now realized the realities of the ground and has lowered the tall rate of population to the ground. In animals even the balance in ecosystem as well as in population is maintained by nature. And thus we never saw population explosion in jungle. Whereas in human beings the task, like many others tasks has been left to us by the Almighty Allah. And thus being the Muslims, we must be moderates, for one of the meanings of Islam is moderation so we are supposed to sort out the planning of our families more rationally & moderately.
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