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Muslims Have Always Outclassed The Enemy

Muslims have always outclassed the Enemy Posted 23 May 2011
Who are they it’s immaterial. But the vital question is; what is the target of terrorists? Their direct target is Islam as well as Pakistan; there is no room for doubt.
Being so, it is the vital answer that Hindu Talibans, Neocon Talibans & Jew Talibans are the assailants having been hired & harnessed by ‘them’. A very hard cover non-believer will hesitate to believe so!!!
Then the next question is: why our lords who are at the helm of affairs are looking so docile & distorted? Why are they so easy virtue? Why are they so faithless? Why are they breaking the hearts of 180 million brave Pakistanis all the time, who have forgotten all other hardships of life simply to live with honor at any cost?
Don’t they are ignorant about the Muslims History that they have never ever fought any war throughout the human history where they have outnumbered the enemy? Muslims have always outclassed the enemy given their faith & resolve!!! After all what has happened to them!!! We all are with you, just give a call!!!
Can’t our forces just set a few solders in plain clothes as guards around the important installations from outside on boundaries who could simply inform in any emergency?
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