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Military Space War Document Developed In USA

Military space war document developed in USA Posted 13 October 2008
Now, when the global community is facing a financial crisis thanks to the great management of the FED, US administration didn’t learn the lesson yet. Recently a new document called the “National military strategy on space operations” was passed to be analyzed by the USA congress and to further develop it. The one that has the tasks to made this new plan become reality is the deputy minister of defense of the USA. It is strange to see USA bothering about military operations held in space, as this scenario breaks any episode of the legendary James Bond Series.
However, even if there is a future threat, why does USA is still financing other 700 ground military basis outside of its country? And another question would be: why don’t simple people – the tax payers, take it to the streets and change this ironic and wrong policy?
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Posted 17 October 2008
USA is simply responding to Russia's new policy of military reinforcement. But, of course not only this is the reason, USA wants to show the world that it keeps being a strong power in the world, beside the financial collapse persisting in it.
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Posted 26 October 2008
How can America finance such projects in space, while the country is suffering huge crisis? This money spent for space security is spent in vain. Tax payers should realize that and start doing something.
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