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Libya Ceases Oil Supplying To Switzerland

Libya ceases oil supplying to Switzerland Posted 11 October 2008
Libya will withdraw its assets (amounting to 7 billion dollars) from the Swiss banks and will cease the supplying of oil. These actions occurred because Libya considers that its diplomats and businessmen were not treated respectfully on Geneva territory.
As far as 15 July Libya warned Switzerland over ceasing supplying oil to Switzerland, after the Libyan leader's son was arrested in Geneva, blamed for inhumanely treating a servant.
Libya used to be the most important oil-supplier partner of Switzerland. Are there any other partners Switzerland can apply to?
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Posted 21 October 2008
Switzerland will now have to apply indirectly for the Lybian oil. Thus, a neighbour country, let's say France, will buy oil from Lybia and Switzerland will pay a higher price for buying it from France.
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