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Islam’s Real Foes

Islam’s real Foes Posted 24 November 2010
Islam’s real Foes

Those who are guilt for splintering from Islam as a sect whatsoever & who are believing in those sects and who are corrupting the GOD Gifted Name; ‘Muslim’ with a sectarian prefix or suffix e.g. sunni Muslim, shia Muslim, deobandi Muslim or barelwi Muslim and so forth are the real adversary against the Divine Universal Religion; Islam and we must shun them all for the unity among Muslims!!!
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Re: Islam’s real Foes Posted 10 July 2011
I think that Sunni Muslims are correct.
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Re: Islam’s real Foes Posted 07 January 2012
real islam whom implementing what my god said in holly qur'an..what ever related to any of the sect that you mentioned >>> if you meet the real people who implementing the rules of god in that time you are going to discover the truth of people and holly qur'an>>>
don,t judge islam or any of the sect in this worled until you be so familiar with islam from whole sides >>>>
our qur'an saied the religion is dealing....so our implementation to qur'an will impact to our behaviour ...i hope the debate her be with mind first..and don,t judge through your heart my friend...hope all her in good health and hope from my god to bless all of you friends..
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