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Georgia Vs. Russia

Georgia vs. Russia Posted 08 October 2008
On august 8, Russia and Georgia relationship reached its peak, when a war was declared between these two countries.
There are so many opinions in regards to this war. Nobody can really understand what happened. Some say Russia began the war, others say Georgia did. But actually, no war is started by one party. Both parties were guilty for what they did. Georgia attacked South Ossetia and Russia consequently attacked Georgia.
After this war, the Western world worsened a lot its relations with Russia, while Georgia remains to be unblamed for anything.
A big role in this conflict played Nicolas Sarkozy, who has good relations with Russia and tried to solve peacefully the problem. Today Medvedev met Sarkozy and Medvedev promised the Russian forces would be recalled today until 00:00.
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Posted 18 October 2008
recently, first diplomatic relations between Russia and Georgia should have taken place in Geneva. But, unfortunately, the meeting was canceled due to certain misundertstandings between these two countries. So it proved that they are not yet out from the conflict. The western world should find solutions for them, since fighting parties will never come to a common agreement.
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