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Economic Crisis

Economic Crisis Posted 23 September 2011
Dear Forum,

like a lot of people i'm worried about the way the economy is going.

Back in the days, there would always be some way out with the states impulsing some economic growth,

but this time things look way more complicated since the states have no longer the means to impulse any growth.

How will this crisis end up this time. The forecoming growth will inevitably be slowed down by the lack of public spending.

But i'm wondering, isn't there a liberal school of thinking that says that the economy doesn't need public spending?

And as the countries are carrying billions of dollars of debt, doesn't that mean that investment has been done in the past ? has not it boosted the economy ?

if it hasn't then it may boost the next boom while the countries pay their debts no ?


-- 26 September 2011 --

My sincere apologies to any confirmed economist that would read this thread.

The world of economy is sometimes so complicated that you cannot go talking about economy without offending one's science about the field.
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