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Cuba: USA And EU Trying Their Best

Cuba: USA and EU trying their best Posted 14 October 2008
After a long blockade on its economy, Cuba is negotiating with the global leaders to cease it and to bring financial stability to the region. However the interests of these global powers are totally different. USA proposed $5 million to Cuba as help for the two hurricanes that hit the Caribbean Island, but it refused it, even when USA raised the stake to $6 million. By doing so USA is hoping to build on good relations with the new political leader, whilst EU is interested to help Cuba in order to help it improve the situation about the human rights.
Recently the parliament of Cuba demanded from all the countries around the world to influence USA via the UN, in order to raise the long lasting embargo. So is it USA so cynic to follow its principles and close its eyes on the matter of human rights?
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Posted 17 October 2008
USA proved not once that its actions can be different from Europe's (for example when it didn't consider the Kyoto protocol). I think Cuba should have taken that aid given by the USA. Why not? I understand their policy is an anti-American one, but it's not necessary to be somebody's servant if it offers you a $6-million-dollar support.
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Posted 26 October 2008
Even enemies can respect each other. But, that aid of 6 million is the Padnora's box. Once the support would have been taken, the USA would expect Cuba to serve it.
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Re: Cuba: USA and EU trying their best Posted 10 February 2010
I think the U.S. and Europe are simply waiting now to see what happens as Fidel Castro is old and surely has a limited number of years left in him. It'll be fascinating to see how the dynamics of Cuba change after Fidel Castro.
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