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CIA And Parapsychology

CIA and Parapsychology Posted 02 March 2020
Hello everyone,

After having experimented parapsychology i understand why the United States CIA has conducted tests on Survey Participants in the late 70's and 80's so that they could deepen their approach of opinion construction and how to direct it towards a given objective through the use of television, radio and newspaper, to later on continue the brainwash on the internet. The direction things have taken are not out of control but have rather been anticipated and calculated so that the outcome is nothing more or less than expected. Parapsychology studies show the average healthy male is willing to serve the system given that the system protects and secures him. More profoundly research in Psychiatry shows that past the questioning phasis until the average answer material gets through, the participant shows signs of sincere good will and cooperation. The characters of the participants all have a unique meaning, it takes years of paraspychology experimentation to get a global vision of the characters involved in the study. People are not comfortable about parapsychology or psychiatry, it is rather an area of study particularily scary, and why it is that harrowing must have a reason why. Trying to make sense out of the system brings people back to their own household management and where they receive their salary from. Can it be that an everyday report gets paid? Don't the parapsychologists have access to the hard core of money? They have been losing few with selectivity, it reminds me of some participant that was refused money and that was caught by police later on for violence, the mechanics of failure... I would advocate that it is important when a participant appear that they genuinely receive Office Contract Banking Credit and silento
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