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Buffalo Can’t Become A Lion

Buffalo can’t become a Lion Posted 09 November 2010
Buffalo can’t become a Lion

Mr. President Obama, how giant a buffalo might be it can’t become a lion by casting a vote of support thereto. Somalia is far better, may be supported for bringing her in the club of world big five, for Somalia unlike India is not sitting on UN Security Council Resolutions for more than 60 years in re: Kashmir!!!
Mr. President Obama, you are worry about Burma, which is an independent country but you could not feel the least about Indian Brahmin Terrorism in the IHK and who martyred more than 80,000 Kashmiri men, women, & children thus far simply because Kashmiris want freedom!!!
However, Mr. President Barack Obama, thanks to you & your country for calling spade a spade in Bharat speaking generally.
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