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Austrian Politician Dies In Car Acciden

Austrian politician dies in car acciden Posted 11 October 2008
Joerg Haider, has died in a car accident at age 58. He was heading to his mother's 90 years anniversary. It happened early Saturday in the south of the country, near the city of Klagenfurt. He veered off the road and overturned while trying to overtake another car. Haider suffered severe injuries to his head and chest and was taken to a hospital where he soon died.

Haider played an important part in the Austrian and European political life. He was the governor of the province of Carinthia and leader of the far-right Alliance for the Future of Austria.

"For us, it's like the end of the world," Haider's spokesman, Stefan Petzner, told the Austria Press Agency.

Haider, known for his charisma and intelligence, enjoyed tremendous popularity in Carinthia.

He had a wife and two daughters. The political life will feel a big change now, after his death.

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Posted 17 October 2008
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Posted 26 October 2008
Actually Haider was disliked by many, because he was considered to be backing Nazi policies. Several countries have even imposed diplomatic sanctions against him and his party.
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