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So What's The Matter With The Ante Christ ?

So what's the matter with the Ante Christ ? Posted 30 September 2013
Sorry but everyone talks about him and i wouldn't know where he hides everywhere you go in my life but what's the deal in the Bible ? It's pretty clear to me some parrallel with the antiquan ages and modern days have to be made to that extent the system. It's comfortable to go on facebook after a long day of hard work to discuss with mates wether god exists or not but if you're out of this how can you not notice the environment around you based on your own need for a protective civilisation around you that knows what to do when you don't. Would you accept it even if it corrupts your morals ? ... The most important thing to me right now is to be in good health have a good job and have an exalting routine...
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Re: So What's The Matter With The Ante Christ ? Posted 11 October 2014
How they changed "ANTE-Christ" to "Anti-Christ"

The original Koine Greek term for the famous "Antichrist" as it's now
commonly rendered, is ANTE -not "anti"-, meaning to stand before,
or to stand in place of, to substitute for, to precede.

http://deep-high.blogspot.com/2010/02/h ... -anti.html
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