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Water's Secrets

Water's secrets Posted 24 November 2008
Did you know that the hot water freezes faster than cold water?
Let's take two vessels of water - one with hot water and one with cold water. Put them in freezing chamber. The vessel with hot water will freeze faster than the one with cold water, even though logically the latter should freeze faster, since hot water first has to cool and then get frozen.
This phenomenon was discovered in 1963 by a high-school student Mpemba, who noticed this. On physics classes he told it to his teacher. The mates and even the teacher laughed at him. But, he proposed to do an experiment right in the classroom, and he was right. Since then, the phenomenon is called "Mpemba effect". Up to the moment scientists can't tell exactly why this happens.

Second, the water has memory.
I think everybody heard about this at least once. It's all about the energy it keeps inside it. Allover the world scientists made thousands of experiments on water memory. The most of them proved it's true. In the future it is possible that computer hard drives will be made of water. However this technology will be very sophisticated and thereby expected not in the nearest future.
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Re: Water's secrets Posted 31 August 2010
L'eau est le secret de la vie créée par Dieu Tout-Puissant
Et l'eau a été mentionné dans le Coran et la façon d'être composée et très important dans cette nouvelle eau est l'un des secrets du Seigneur Créateur de l'Univers est mentionné dans le Coran
Seigneur Dieu
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Re: Water's secrets Posted 03 February 2011
These are Useful information :lol: .
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