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Twenty Three (23) Grand Objectives Of The Raising Of Holy Ka’aba.

Twenty Three (23) Grand Objectives of the Raising of Holy Ka’aba. Posted 04 October 2011
Peace be on you.
Twenty three (23) grand objectives of making of Holy Ka’aba, the House of Allah are following:

1:Holy Ka’aba is made for spiritual and physical benefits of all humaity. [as mentioned in words ‘wodheaa linnas’ Holy Quran, Surat Al-Imran (chapter 3): verse 97]

2: It is the palce where representatives of all nations come. It is a place where the perfect Shariyat (religious law) emerged. [‘mobarakan’ Al-Imran 97]

3: It is the place of revelation of the religious law which opens doors of guiadance, limitless progress and the perfect divine Fazl (blessings) for all humanity. [‘hodal lil aalameen, Al-Imran 97]

4: This House and pure servants of God which are associated with it, always continue to receive divine support from EverLive God. [‘aayatun ba’ye’natun’ Al-Imran 98]

5: As the result of these divine supports, such faithful (Ummah) will continue to exist who will worship with love and selflessness, as Hadhrat Ibrahim (peace be on him) offered at this place. [‘maqaamo Ibrahima’ Al-Imran 98]

6: Such pure worshipers are granted divine protection in this world and in the Hereafter. [‘man dakhalahu kaana amenan’ Al-Imran 98]

7: Making circuits of Ka’aba is compulsory for believers (those who have sources to go there) of Allah and Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be on him. This circuiting is figurative representation that soul and body is for God. The House is place of gathering of believers.[‘lillahey aalanasey hijjulbaytey’ Al-Imran 98]

8: As Ka’aba was centre of all people in the beginning, again with the teachings of the Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h.) it will become the centre. This is due in these latter days when restoration of faith is happening. [‘mathaa batan’ Al-Baqarah:126]

9: World Peace can only be achieved by practicing upon the Divine teachings which is associated with this House. This teaching provides nourishment for all kind of people and only it can fill their minds and hearts with peace. [‘amnan’ Al-Baqarah: 126]

10: The Peace will be established by the believers who will offer Salaat / Prayer with its all meanings and conditions (the prayer to God with love and sacrifice as Hadhrat Ibrahim, peace be on him, offered). [‘wat takhezu mim maqamey Ibrahima mosalla’ Al-Baqarah: 126]

11: The teaching emerged from Ka’aba teaches mankind the external and internal purity. [‘tahera beyteya’ Al-Baqrah: 126]

12: The House is continously returning place for representatives of nations of world to make circuits (with prayers) and other benefits related to the House. [‘litaa e feena’ Al-Baqarah: 126]

13: Dedecated believers will go to all parts of the world to fulfill purpose of making of this House. [ ‘wal aakefeena’ Al-Baqarah: 126]

14: Such faithful Ummah will be adherent to this House who will have understanding of Unity of God, His holy Attributes and is His obedient. [‘’war rukka essojud’ Al-Baqarah: 126]

15: Allah will protect His House, His Prophet and his teaching, in words and in meanings. [‘baldan aamenan’ Al-Baqarah: 127]

16: World will observe that those who worship God with love and selflessness are granted best rewards and blessings.[‘warzuq ahlahu minasthamaratey’ Al-Baqrah: 127]

17: The faithful will understand the very humble prayers are required to absorb divine blessings, alongwith pure services. [‘rabbana taqqabal minaa’ Al-Baqrah: 128]

18: The acceptance of prayers of such faithful will show the world Allah, al-Samee (The All Hearing) exists.[‘Al-Samee’ Al-Baqrah: 127]

19: The acceptance of prayers will be in the best manner according to the deep knowledge of Allah so that world will know the existence of Allah, al-Aleem (The One Who has deep knowledge). [‘Al-Aleem’ Al-Baqarah:128]

20: The purpose of this House is the prayer that the followers of Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h.) should be fit to be included in his followers. [‘wa min zuriatena ummatam muslimatan laka’ Al Baqarah: 129]

21: The teaching of Holy Prophet who is related to this House will be for all times and all people of all capacities.[‘aarena manasekanaa’ Al-Baqrah: 129]

22: The followers of last Shariyat (divine law) will repeatedly repent and seek divine cover, along with struggles. [‘tub aaleynaa’ Al-Baqrah: 129]

23: The purpose of this House is the coming of Holy Prophet who came with perfect teaching so that humanity gets its promised acme. The Holy Prophet purifies and teaches Book and wisdom and his blessings continues.[‘rabbana wabath fihim rasulum minhum’ Al-Baqarah: 130]

[ Reference: Derived from the Friday sermons of 3 rd Ahmadiyya holy Khalifah (may Allah's mercy be on his soul) : Search words = ALISLAM ORG ]

By the Grace of Allah, the community continues to strive for promised peaceful restoration of faith in these latter days, under the guidance of fifth holy Khalifah (may Allah help him ).
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