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In The Name Of God.......

In the name of god....... Posted 07 May 2009
According to people god created the world BUT who is ruling it....human being. The religion has been twisted constantly by the humans according to their needs and environment changes. So for all the believers in god....how does god play the game of life, pain, happiness, joy, sorrow, pleasure and ultimately death. A little girl/ boy born to a beggar on the streets of a big city....what would you call that destiny or a cruel joke of god or may be Karma. Countries like India, which consists of people from all religions, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Jainism and many more, in a continuous struggle to prove themselves right in believing and following their so called religions. On the other hand, there are people who don’t believe in religions but believe in Karma, which they categorize as a form of religion. In a simple definition, you will get what you do, it’s a boom rang affect but does that mean that you would do good to people so that you get some goodies in return. Would you call that religion? I would not…..

Not concluding it yet - religion is just man made, which is a result of our fears, jealousy, thirst for power, money, lust….and of course it goes on. One religion taking another religion, the brutal war of religions goes on, sometimes discretely, sometimes with a loud bang…………in the name of god. And when do you think it will end and how will it help the man kind??? No answers…..

Point to ponder: Would you follow a religion where you pray to your god following your religion norms or would you just spend that time helping a child on the street with nothing to wear or eat and whose fault is just that he is born to a beggar on the mean streets of a big attractive city, which is built on the false lights of glamour and money….think about it.

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