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Sultan Ul Qalam = The Emperor Of Pen

Sultan ul Qalam = The Emperor of Pen Posted 21 September 2011
Peace be on you....The very first revelation to the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him ) was:
Convey thou in the name of thy Lord Who created.
Created man from a clot of blood.
Covey! And thy Lord is Most Generous.
Who taught (human) by the pen.
Taught human what he knew not.
(Holy Quran chapter 96: verses 2 to 6)

The message says: To whole world, convey, the message of God. The God Who made you and all creation; the God Who has seeded His love and love for His creation in human heart. Tell the whole world that your Lord Who has all the honour shall be with you; the God Who has made the pen to grant knowledge to the world, which the human did not know before…… These few words encompass the whole knowledge of Holy Quran which was to be revealed later on.

Thus from day one, use of force to promote teachings of Holy Quran is not the divine decree.

Currently, these are times of all kind of corruption on the land and water; faith has risen back to heavens. The promised fulfilled remedy (62: 4) as explained by the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) is the coming of his devotee, the promised Restorer of faith.

This restoration requires purity of hearts, pure changes in selves, gaining divine wisdom and knowledge, change in priorities to defend faith with arguments and proofs through pious planings, using modern devices to gain Holy Quran’s related spiritual knowledge and the knowledge which is useful for humanity, being truthful, excellence in goodness with self correction and spread peace all around --- [Recently, this charter was given by the Holy Khalifah of Promised Guide. The Guide was titled by Allah as Sultan ul Qalam, The Emperor of Pen, Search words = alislam org. He started a spiritual struggle to restore faith with humble prayers, raising community of pious and wrote 80 plus books to explain the peaceful teachings of Holy Quran.]........ At a place the guide, the Mahdi (a.s) said (translation):
Rank of opponent, we ruined with argument == Work of sword, with the pen we delivered.
Each direction, we ran our thoughts tired == No way like way of Muhammad we could find.

Peace and blessings on everyone.
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