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Should You Trust Your Horoscope?

Should you trust your Horoscope? Posted 28 February 2020
It fits into this spiritual section: should we trust what they say in daily Horoscopes ? Sometimes the random reader will make sense about what his predictions will tell him. Most of the time the usual work/love/health advice is so general that the reader feels comfortable with what they say often with an amused reaction to the Horoscope content that is generally considered more like an entertainment than like a practical truth. Day after day the Horoscope exercise will prove benefiting as the content has often an optimistic touch. There is science behind the Horoscope dividing life into compartments themselves with adjusted predictions for each sign of the zodiac with inspiring content, often opening the reader's mind to positive thinking. So what will be your today prediction? If you are Cancer for example should you wait for some surprise at work? Personnally i am Capricorn, and they say even if it does not work :( give it a try! in the long run you may be surprised :) They play with you your hopes, invest your reasoning and get you to work out the last track they have left. The Medical Man has left the Sugery Room with Unfinished Operation. The Knights of the Zodiac have a comprehensive approach to Karma and Spirituality. Most of the Time, the Horoscope predicts Health problems, and there is Nothing one can do about it but pray, regular medecine being contradicted by Spiritual Health Practice... Which is specifically true in Psychiatry where the ones being attached to Spiritual Health are in opposition with the others attached to Random Health and are performing better because of a True Understanding of Health Mechanics. France is back to sleep, everyone prefers the Blue Pill. As imagination goes on it sounds preferable to sponsor the lonely thinker with a bank account and a salary with conspiracy money than it is to rely on social money. It fits in the logic and meaning of online activity in public forums. Guidelines, a binding contract, as a meaning of why you have just spend 2 hours working.
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