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Restoration Of Relation Between God And Human - Reconciliation, Peace, Spirituality.

Restoration of Relation between God and Human - Reconciliation, Peace, Spirituality. Posted 01 May 2011
Peace be on you.
When misconducts of all kinds increase in the world, various ills spread, spirituality decreases and love of God diminishes. At that time mercy of God makes the earth alive again. Like coming of fall and spring seasons, periods of darkness and light alternatively takes over humanity. This era, which we are passing through, is multi facet; some of its faces are against righteousness and do not recognize the real God and some facets are very much blessed and support righteousness. Not very far in past, ignorance was common, after that, various worldly knowledge emerged, and revolution began. Simultaneously righteous deeds started to decline and plants of denial of God continued to grow silently. Thus, blessings of God were not appreciated and thanked. Instead, desire of acquiring material wealth increased as if world was eternal abode. There is rise in murders, fornication, pilfering, hard heartedness, extremism and other social vices. Lesser attendance in places of worship is common. Pleasing low self desires have become unstoppable powerful floods.

From religious understandings, one can know that in such times God either sends light or destroy the world. But there are two hopes; firstly, still more than1000 years are to come and secondly, for the ease and betterment in material life, the emergence of new inventions are indicators that God wants to grant reformation and progress in the spiritual aspect of humanity as well. Darkness of earth requires light from the heavens. Likewise, divine light descends from God and enlighten the hearts.

To create spiritual unity among human, the way of God is that He pours the light of perfect wisdom on one person and grants him His dialogue, love, understanding of His favourite way and the passion to pass on the divine light to others. Then, all these people are counted with him as one entity and they absorb his spiritual light and the whole group progresses in righteousness and purity.

It has been prophesied that in the latter days, spirituality and love of God will diminish and God will spiritually breathe His spirit of truth, love and knowledge into a person. He shall be called Messiah because God will rub perfume of His personal love on him. That promised Messiah shall be spiritually raised against Satan and his associates for final and unique spiritual duel between goodness and evil. Human heart is influenced by attraction of goodness (Angelic force) and attraction of evil (Satanic force). God shall grant victory to His Messiah and Grandeur, Purity and Unity of God will continue to spread over the world for long. This 1000 year era is metaphorically called the ‘seventh day’, each ‘day’ being 1000 year era. The claimant (since 1889) to be such promised person ( Search Words: alislam org ) explains all this spiritual philosophy. He says, God has appointed him: 1) to reinstate the lost relation between God and human, which is to be based on love and sincerity. 2) And to lay the foundation of reconciliation by declaring the truth and ending the religious fights. 3) And to declare the religious truths which have been hidden from the eyes of the world. 4) And to show the model of spirituality which has been lost under the darkness of self. 5) And to explain by practice, the powers of God which enter in human and manifest by attention or prayer. 6) And above all, to plant permanently (currently lost) pure and glittering Unity of God, which is clear of any mixing of partnership. He says, this all would not happen by his power but with the power of that God Who is God of heaven and earth.

Alongwith this spiritual reformation, there are certain changes are visible on the stage of the world. In Europe and America, scholars of Christians are leaving the idea of Godship of holiness Jesus. And those who were into stone idol worship since generations, now they understand that idols are not anything. Though still they are away from spirituality, but they have freed themselves from variety of shackles of innovated customs. They are now standing at the doorway of Unity of God. May Grace of God push them to enter in this Abode of Peace of truth and perfect Unity, with perfect love, perfect fear and perfect wisdom. It is promised. Some day people will become one nation.

Air is charged, as Christians are thinking their religion will become the religion of all world, Jews are waiting for a special Messiah who would give them the control of all world, similarly faithful of Islam believe their religion will be the world religion and there are forecasts about a Messiah and these forecasts pointed toward end of 14 th century of migration of Holy Prophet. Some Hindus are also waiting for coming of an Autar through whom their belief would spread. In short, every sect strongly desire for progress of their nation and religion. Like dashing waves upon waves in an ocean, they are falling on each other. All these motions are pointing toward an era when God would collect diverse sects into a nation who would understand the reality of religion and they shall be breathed the spirit of life and real righteousness with divine knowledge. The Holy Quran has mentioned many signs about that era. Among them are: 1) In that time, many canals would be made to come out of rivers. 2) Progress in mining industry. 3) Emergence of new knowledge. 4) Printing of books. 5) New vehicles which would make camel-journey obsolete. 6) World would become global village. 7) Particular eclipses to Moon and Sun (in same month). 8 ) After that, spread of Plague as sign of displeasure of God since God’s envoy was denied.

To have honour of having revelation from God over decades is a great blessing and still God testifies the truth of the one whom He has sent for peaceful reformations.
(Ref: Benefited from writings of the Spiritual Guide mentioned above)
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Re: Restoration of Relation between God and Human - Reconciliation, Peace, Spirituality. Posted 08 June 2011
Nice post!
It's really great how this article can change one's point of view.
Thank you very much for sharing you thoughts this is really inspiring and influential. Keep it up.
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