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Divine Plan For Re-Grant Of Peaceful Prestige And Glory Of Islam.

Divine Plan for Re-Grant of Peaceful Prestige and Glory of Islam. Posted 01 November 2011
Peace be on you.
The promised reform to revive the already weakened faith means the promised mode to revive faith on God and to remind faithful to be kind to all creation of God. This is the essence of true and real Islam. But in this era of spiritual weakness, one sorrowfully finds the religious leaders have neglected their responsibility in reminding believers to practice the divine teaching. They teach others which they practice not.

God's plan for revival of faith is well drawn in Holy Quran Chapter 62, early section. Holy Prophet (may peace and blessing of Allah be on him) explained verse 62:3 by foretelling of coming of his Beloved Servant in this time of spiritual weakness of the faithful. This beloved is called Promised Mahdi, the Promised Mesiah. God made his foremost duty to take message of Holy Quran to all humanity through prayers and peaceful means. But first one has to practice it.

He taught faithful should turn immediately to attaining perfection in piety and righteousness and make Holy Quran their true guide. God loves those who obeys His commandments and their progeny alone is blessed. A truly obedient person of God or his progeny is never destroyed. People who leave God and are inclined to the world have their world destroyed. He advised to pray profusely during Salaat so that God may grant blessing and help. According to him, the reality of Islam is that very soul of a person fall down on God's threshold and gives precedent to Him over everything else.

[Ref: For details at length: Friday Sermon by Fifth Holy Khalifah of Promised Mahdi, Mesiah ...Search Words : Friday Sermon 28 October 2011 alislam org ]
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