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Awful Clinical Death

Awful clinical death Posted 01 December 2008
Clinical death is the popular term for cessation of blood circulation and breathing.[1] It occurs when the heart stops beating in a regular rhythm, a condition called cardiac arrest.
While the human is dead clinically, this means he is neither alive nor dead.

17 years old boy
Here are some things said by people who had a clinical death.
"I saw how doctors enter the surgery room, my granny entered with them having a hat. I first cheered up, later I remembered my grandma is died. I felt scared. Then I saw a strange dark shape, I cried, but my granny said ""don't worry, it's not your time yet", and I suddenly returned to life".

40 years old man
Remember very little, just a sound music, like in an old movie. I felt strange, since I knew I am having a serious surgery but I hear music. Then I understood the music becomes strange, good but strange. It was something unusual, unhuman

52 years old man
I saw myself from the top, from aside. As if I was lifted up. I was watching for a long time how doctors and nurses were trying to revive me. It was kind of funny - I thought - "ha, I cheated everybody", then I was swallowed as if by a whirlpool...

What do you think about it?
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Posted 22 April 2009
cardiac arrest is really traitor. And very difficult if you have it. I saw how my cousin suffered because of her heart problem. Very unpredictable.
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