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Job Agency Paris Posted 26 August 2021
We're looking for our Parisian Client a Barman/Barmaid.

To qualify you must have experience as a Barman/Barmaid or an official qualification certificate.

You will work in a five-star hotel environment, understand the social codes of an elite customer base and stay strictly professional in adequation with the employer's values and policy. You will work with a uniform.

You speak english, french and romanian, have an excellent presentation, master the recipees of different cocktails, administer the stocks and availability of the drinks and manage the payments registrations.

You will be autonomous and responsible of the Bar. Discretion, readiness, and understanding of the psychology of working in a five-star environment are qualities we are looking for.

The employer offers housing in dedicated staff private studios with food service, a decent salary and free reservations in the hotel branch throughout.

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