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Where Are We Running?

Where are we running? Posted 95 days ago
in a era where there is no international leadership one may ask himself where to look out for some. Average french turns to national media that repeats the given statu quo again and again. there is private space for creative thinking and endless fun… more seriously what is the point with ayurvedic medecine? it is time to refresh the mind with social rules… first one obeys the scholar system and learns how to get marks, then works in an official employment that challenges him Everyday but that pays him well. Money is the part of the equation that keeps everyone busy with their jobs and there is a lot to be achieved. But internet is sure a way to get everyone to the point: we work for a better future, it has meaning, for our descent… the human need to socialize with fellow humans vs the system we all obey to that tastes like tomorrow is another day with another load of official publications (tv radio newspapers) so that there is more information published than time to acknowledge it all. Forgotten archives… medically it is neurons making sense about bigger environment. why does one plays CIA when they play ayurvedic? getting to the point only makes it like the next step of the treasure hunt is somewhere in Mumbai or new delhi? should i remind them who they are in Paris? if one is an indian secret services agent, what is he doing in Paris with a briefcase full of ayurvedic drugs? how exotic does that sounds? the Wise student… it's code they communicate he's a CIA spy in India that reports to headquarters through a french proxy. What if it is an american spy in Paris reporting people in France are high on marijuana that is an exotic drug along with ayurvedic medecines? time is running, it's been a year or so, i kept busy with writing my bullet journal… nobody showed up… they sure have a word for credit card in india but that's not the point. A comfortable salary with data to mine… research, cross-examine, i'm a busy man... i have no idea where they are taking us with ayurvedic therapy. Let's not post about american express, it would be gross and let's not overtalk for it is gross too. But i need more hints... a UK colony? => is there a parallel with colonial France? it makes sense... along with the drugs trafficking?
Generally people worry about medical trauma, everyone feels vulnerable and fragile when it comes to medical, and France has a powerful medical system based on human rights with equal access to care as in Care, medical care ? legacy ? they knew i was going to have to use English... how about an eclipse in japan?
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