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Riddles Posted 96 days ago
the Journey began 10 years ago on an egyptian online forum back when i was studying law in a french law school in Cairo, they opened a paranoia i never stopped digging, later on when i was back in France i was looking for a similar source to connect and that is when i found this parisforums site. Paranoia led me to discover the "Code to the Matrix" on YouTube and confirm my paranoia and give me a general idea of how the Conspiracy works and operates. As the average french Citizen i was used to follow leadership orders be it at school high school and college in a deal with the System that i receive education or in the Professional Sphere that obedience to the Leadership guarantees a salary. It is a Leadership / followers system that a majority of people obey in order to avoid any prejudice, nowadays interfering with people through their smartphones the system was established with newspapers a majority of people relied on to update the space and time continuum and to adapt to the new statu quo. But that leadership when contacted on internet deny their very existence. Coming back to my story with the parisforums i have been guessing it was the work of the CIA, everyone can tell they are behind this web page. But for some Reason they keep going "India". Why do YOU keep posting about India, when there is no parrallel to be made except between the Indian Ayurvedic Madecine and the american obamacare laws both having to do with medicine. There is also a point with aryans and their Indo-european roots or the parallel with indian cross range and nazi germany. Playing riddles is part of the game as shown in the Da Vinci Code movie with some sort of treasure hunt for those who take a guess. Has it to do with indians as the american natives that were thought to be indians when they discovered america? Is it about madecine ? What has Paris to do with Indian Madecine? National Healthcare laws in france as the "Code of the Public Health" is another bias to solve the riddle, french health system being one of an advanced country and their secret services known as the "administrat" sure are familiar with ayurvedic madecine. What is the next step? Will i check out the forums later on to get another load of ayurvedic codex? arogyam is sure not a poor indian doctor advertising for his business, it is all set up. Why, How, Who, i hate being the outsider having to guess distorted riddles. Sorry.
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